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Daily VR Round Up

1. Study:

How VR is Helping People Beat Social Anxiety. Anxious and frightened of being negatively judged in your everyday life as you face the society? – Yes, that’s what we call social anxiety which most women and men are now experiencing. Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. It is a pervasive disorder and causes anxiety and fear in most all areas of a person’s life.

There are some studies before where VR is being used to treat other variety of phobias and anxiety disorders which they found to be more helpful and enjoyable. It is like taking the fear down without losing your control.

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Could Be Coming To HTC Vive In 2018.

There is nothing more exciting than bringing SKYRIM into VR! – Yes! It is coming to virtual reality, you can enjoy and feel every move you make in this game! No specific date of release but details have been discussed.

3. School Children Practice Foreign Languages With VR.

Virtual Reality is playing a big part in the industry right now, it is being used for education and treatment. Learning different language will be easier if you are being immersed in its region culture or people. Virtual reality made it easier and accessible. No need to travel to be in that place and learn their culture and languages. This new technology has been a big and great help to people!

4. Super Mario Bros. Recreated For HoloLens.

How about Super Mario Bros in a VR?! – This game seems to be the most common game when trying to test or serving as a proof of concept in a video game. The developer recreates the Super Mario into a more reality like, such as a life-size augmented reality. This game has a lot of suggestions or feedbacks where it says that it still needs to have some changes. The developer would probably make it more pleasing to our eyes and more enjoyable to play.

Magic Table Chess for the Oculus Rift

Today we are reviewing Magic Table Chess for the Oculus Rift.

I really wanted to love this game, I was expecting to be able to reach out and grab pieces, move them, get angry and wipe the table. Then start a fist fight with the robot sitting across from me.  But alas, that was not the case.  There are no motion controllers in this game?

What puzzles me is that in Dungeon Chess, you can use the controller in the Gear VR, but in a game made by the same company, almost identical in every way it has no motion controller for the Oculus Rift?

Like I said I really wanted to love this game, the two environments are great, the sounds are nice, but it’s pretty much unplayable without a controller option.

I give it 2 Stars right now and hope that an update will come soon.

You’ll note that there is no exercise benefit to this game, but I do love Chess and the mind is a muscle sooooo, yeah, I included it. 🙂

Just Relax for the Gear VR reviewed

Today we review Just Relax, an app designed to do nothing. It’s not a game, just an experience of relaxing on the beach.

The visuals are fantastic, the sounds are great, and if all you want to do is chill out by the beach this is the perfect app.

Just Relax is not going to get your heart racing, it’s going to make you RELAX, plain and simple.

Dungeon Chess for the Gear VR review.

Today we take a look at Dungeon Chess for the Gear VR.

I really liked this game, the room is cool, the animation is cool.  You can play a friend or play the AI.

It really reminds me of Chewbacca and C3PO playing on the Millennium Falcom.

It has a few bugs and glitches so I’m not going to say it was 5 stars.   But if you love chess, and you want something to play in VR, this is a great choice.


Friday Fitness Round-Up

Each Friday we post the games we think have the best fitness potential. Here’s this Friday’s Round-Up June 23, 2017!

1. KnockOut League

This game is a ton of fun to play, but be warned you will push your rate fighting these guys. Squat, jab jab, uppercut, squat, squat, jab. That’s how this whole game goes.  But you’ll have a blast the whole time you are playing.

Headset: HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift


2. Audio Shield

Audioshield won’t get the heart racing like KonckOut League, but it’s fun to play, keeps you moving and has some kick ass music. It’s a great way to destress and keep moving at the same time.

Headset: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift


3. HotSqaut

Looking for the burn, then HotSquat is your game, don’t let the simple graphics and cheesy music fool you. It’s really fun to play and you will be completely exhausted. I promise you it will give you buns of steel. 🙂

Headset: HTC Vive


achieVRfit used on an Exercise Bike!

Today we used achieVRfit, Virtual Reality Fitness App on a standard exercise bike. I’m testing it for everyone to make sure you can use it at home!

The team is getting excited about launching and getting this app into your hands. Make sure you subscribe for updates and first notice of the launch.


First look at AchieVRfit!

I’m super excited to show my first work out in AchieVRfit.  I’ve tested it for 5 minutes here and there, but this is my first full 30 minute recorded work out.  I time lapsed it so it was not boring, and we’re already making changes and improvements.  But here it is in all its pre-release glory.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts, we may not get it into the first release but we’ll do our best to add great ideas into future releases

Week #2

This is the first week and getting into a routine for exercising is the biggest obstacle,  once exercising it’s great the games are fun, and the time flies by, but getting out of my head and go exercise is still in the way.

You have these habits of things you think you should do, and exercise is not part of your day, so it’s not something you think to do, even when it’s enjoyable.  I’m going to try and pick a time that I stick to actually work out, try to make it a habit.

Again it’s not that I’m not enjoying it the opposite is true, but your mind tells you to do other things?  Do other people find that as well?

Anyway let’s break down the first full week:

Weight: 227.7


3 x 30 minutes session in achieVRfit Gear VR

2 x 15 minutes sessions in Knockout League HTC Vive

2 x 15 minutes sessions in AudioShield HTC Vive

1 x 10 minutes in Hot Squat HTC Vive

Here are some pictures of the food I ate this week.

VirZoom Annouces VZ Sensor

VirZoom announced two new developments to help you play VR and get fit wherever you are, at home or on the move. VirZOOM games are now finally available for mobile VR, starting today with VirZOOM Arcade on Gear VR. And later this year, you’ll get to turn your own bike into a VirZOOM bike with the VZ Sensor, available for the discounted preorder price of $89USD.  So, unfortunately, you still need a sensor.

VirZOOM Arcade is now available for the Samsung Gear VR with controller, and is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer phones, not the S6 or S7. They will also soon be announcing compatibility with Google Daydream VR headsets, and availability on the Google Play store.

Turn your bike into a VirZOOM bike

The VZ Sensor, which is small enough to fit in your pocket, and easily wraps around the pedal crank of an exercise bike. It’ll ship to retail in October for $99USD.

With a controller in hand and VZ Sensor on your bike, you can play VirZOOM-ready games on mobile, PlayStation 4, and PC alike. If you frequent a gym that doesn’t happen to have a VR setup on every bike, you can still grab a mobile VR setup and VZ Sensor to play anywhere. And if you absolutely must track your vital statistics but are looking for something more portable than our bike controller with heart rate sensors, VirZOOM Arcade will pick up and display readings from a Samsung Gear smartwatch.

It’s a great step forward to making VR fitness accessible, we’re pretty excited, along with our app AchieVRfit, it looks like exercise is NOT going to be boring.

Day #1 – Yikes!

Day #1: 229.7 lbs

Today is the day it started.  I had this plan to use virtual reality to lose weight.  Most types of #exerciseisboring.  I think we all relate to that.

Going to the gym, working out on the treadmill, it’s all pretty dull.  I don’t have time to pack the car and go for an epic climb over the Rockies, or 4 hours to commit to a game of golf, all of which would be more exciting, and all though more fun activities are including in plan, I needed to come up with something fun while at home.

I love computers!  I love tech, and most geeks will tell you the Technology is supposed to improve our lives, yet we find in many ways it simply gets in the way.  I want to change that, even in a small way.  That’s where the idea of acheiVRfit came from.  A virtual reality fitness app.

Something you could use without buying another $2000 bike, something you slap into your Gear VR and use with your current equipment or even without any equipment at all.

So this is Day 1 and YIKES, you can see the pictures.


Pictures have a way of wiping your mental image away.  In many ways, I still see myself as that 150 lbs high school kid, not the 40ish, 229lbs guy in these pictures.  So we’re going to change reality with a little Virtual Reality, and try and get the pictures matching the mental image I have.

I’m going to be adding my progress, workouts, food, etc for you to see.  I more than welcome anyone to journey with me.  As achieVRfit gets built I really hope that others will want to try it.