Week #2

This is the first week and getting into a routine for exercising is the biggest obstacle,  once exercising it’s great the games are fun, and the time flies by, but getting out of my head and go exercise is still in the way.

You have these habits of things you think you should do, and exercise is not part of your day, so it’s not something you think to do, even when it’s enjoyable.  I’m going to try and pick a time that I stick to actually work out, try to make it a habit.

Again it’s not that I’m not enjoying it the opposite is true, but your mind tells you to do other things?  Do other people find that as well?

Anyway let’s break down the first full week:

Weight: 227.7


3 x 30 minutes session in achieVRfit Gear VR

2 x 15 minutes sessions in Knockout League HTC Vive

2 x 15 minutes sessions in AudioShield HTC Vive

1 x 10 minutes in Hot Squat HTC Vive

Here are some pictures of the food I ate this week.


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