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Marvel is bringing its superheroes to VR with a new Oculus-exclusive game.

People love watching Marvel movies and playing Marvel games. How would like to see yourself playing in VR? Fantastic, right? Yes! Marvel is on its way to VR with a new Oculus-exclusive game. You can choose from 12 Marvel characters and have a multiplayer option.  It is said to be released on 2018, no exact date yet.


Lila’s Tale Makes you Solve Puzzles in VR … Without Your Hands

Lila’s Tale doesn’t require you to use your hand during the game. It is a Gaze game. You just gaze at the puzzle and it will move. By finishing the puzzle you damage the enemy. There will be no battle between you and the enemy. Whenever the enemy attacks, you have to go ahead and solve a puzzle quickly! It will help Lila to finish up the enemy faster by giving a big damage.  Only a demo is available at the moment, but the full game is slated for a third-quarter release later this year for the Samsung Gear VR. This is a story of a sister who mysteriously lost his brother. She will be having a journey with the player that will help her with the enemies and finish up the game.

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