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Apple’s ARKit combined HTC Vive shows us the future of mixed reality.

This is a very impressive technology and will absolutely be popular. It will provide good experiences and captures movements in real time. Not sure when this will be available but the potential is clear.





Facebook brings Live broadcasting to its Spaces virtual reality app

Facebook bringing live streaming to VR. This will let you live stream everything and will capture whatever you see on VR. With Live Streaming already up and working in Facebook Messenger and even in Instagram. We’ll watch 0ut for this upcoming awesome feature!




Here’s Why Investors Are Pouring Money Into AR and VR Startups

VR is such a useful technology in today’s industry. People use it for entertainment, education, and business to make things easier or understood.

In Real Estate industry, Realtors use VR to show potential buyers VR views of the property. It’s just one use case being used today, among many.  As venture capitalist place their bets for how this industry will generate the next unicorn investments, we’ll be watching.


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