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Google Blocks lets you make gorgeous low-poly VR art

Are you a fan of colourful simple blocks? You will definitely enjoy this google blocks that will let you make gorgeous low-poly VR art. You can export art from both Tilt Brush and Blocks, you can even use them together. There is also a way for the users to make the creation viewable online. There is a catch in using Blocks though, it is only limited to high-end headsets which have good hand controls and let you walk around your creations.



WeLens introduces software to manage group screenings of 360-degree video VR

VR is playing a big role in our industry right now, aside from being used for entertainment, it is also becoming a way to introduce products or creations. In VR, it is easy to show how a product looks like and how it is being used.  Welens introduced software to manage group screening easier.





Samsung Reveals 4K ExynosVR Standalone Reference Design With Eye-Tracking

The company showcased its new standalone reference design, the ExynosVR III. The headset seems to be an all-in-one though, it doesn’t need a computer or mobile phone to run. More companies are going over VR and producing Standalone VR. Everyone is trying to fit in. What matters is picking the right VR for you!



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