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Full-Body VR Arena Presents Live streaming Event 

Project Myron is almost done! The developer of this excellent device is planning to live stream on Facebook to show the public how this technology works. With this technology, multiplayer is possible with body language and gestures to communicate and coordinate attacks in the game. How would like to get this Full-Body Arena show off your tactical prowess?

A video showing a previous demonstration of the Project Myron technology is available to view below.


Bill Nye in VR

MACH in VR: 8 Principles About Everything

Bill Nye–everyone’s favorite science guy–visits AltspaceVR for the first time! He will going to discuss a few things all about the 8 Principles of Everything. Sit on your couch and have the science guy talk with you!


Disney Invests in VR Arcade The VOID, Epic Games in 2017 Accelerator

Disney announced the participants for 2017 incubator Disney Accelerator.  Among the 11 picked for the company’s 2017 Accelerator is location-based VR arcade The Void and Unreal Engine creator Epic Games. This is of the most awaited game ever.


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