Week #5 Upadte – We Added Bananas!!

Today’s a special day, you’re going to get to see me running along a mountain path, collecting bananas.  I know right!  BANANAS.

I am going to ask a favour though, we’ve been having a pretty big debate internally here at achieVRfit.  Should we have bananas or diamonds?  So please weigh in with your thoughts.

Talking about weighing in, let’s take a look at my scale for the week.

As you can see I made some progress this week.  2 lbs.  I really did try and make sure I put the time in with achieVRfit and eating well.  Here’s a plug for Panera, the Southwest Chicken Tortilla broth bowl, is super filling, tasty and low in calories.

Again though it is amazing how you crave those comfort processed foods.  Yet I can see a real difference when they are avoided.  Love to hear what people do to avoid those foods.

Total loss to date is 7bs in 5 weeks?  Seems like a good steady rate.

Fitbit stats for last week:

Steps: 82370

Average Hours of Sleep: 5 Hours 36 minutes (Yikes)

See you next week!




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