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Week 6 Update – Oh No, what happened?

I’m getting pretty excited we’re almost ready to test some new mountains scenes in achieVRfit. That means a different view every time you go for a run!

Regarding the Bananas, it looks like a lot of you like the bananas, so we might be keeping them, just a little more testing with the diamonds. Thanks everyone for your feedback.

Weekly Stats:

I back tracked a little this week. Pizza three times this week might have had something to do with it. 🙂 It’s my Kryptonite, I always over eat when it comes to Pizza and honestly it is much easier for me to avoid it. But we were out with friends and bad life choices became the norm for me.

So last week I was down 2.2 lbs this week up 1.3lbs, I’ll try and make better choices this week.

However I was pretty active this week, both in VR and RR(Real Reality), odd I even need a term for that. I managed to get some golf in and Kayaking, obviously time with achieVRfit and did a couple new game reviews along side my regular workouts.

Total loss to date is 6 lbs in 6 weeks.

Fitbit stats for last week:

Steps: 92,324

Average Hours of Sleep: 6 Hours 13 Minutes

See you next week!