Thanks Vr Fitness Insider for Reviewing achieVRfit!

A big shout out to for reviewing our app achieVRfit.  We love that you guys loved it and we love the work you do.

If you’re interested in reading what hey had to say, I’ve added a blurb below but you can read the whole article here:

We found Tom on his YouTube channel called Exercise Is Boring, where he posts videos about his journey in creating the AchieVRfit app, VR game reviews, and updates on his own weight loss progress. He also writes blog posts on his Exercise Is Boring website, where he covers how he did that week, what he ate, what real life and VR exercise he accomplished, and about the game’s development progress.
What is achieVRfit?
AchieVRfit is a Gear VR app that can be found in the Experiences section of the Oculus Store. This amazing indie VR app will have players donning their Gear headset and running along a path as they run or jog in real time. The menu uses the controller to select the duration of the workout, the type of music you’d like to play while jogging or running, and gaze to collect objects in the game.


About the Author


Tom is the owner and founder of Lyons International a VR/AR development company. You can catch Tom Walking his dog, playing Chess and loving VR/AR.

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