Day #1 – Yikes!

Day #1: 229.7 lbs

Today is the day it started.  I had this plan to use virtual reality to lose weight.  Most types of #exerciseisboring.  I think we all relate to that.

Going to the gym, working out on the treadmill, it’s all pretty dull.  I don’t have time to pack the car and go for an epic climb over the Rockies, or 4 hours to commit to a game of golf, all of which would be more exciting, and all though more fun activities are including in plan, I needed to come up with something fun while at home.

I love computers!  I love tech, and most geeks will tell you the Technology is supposed to improve our lives, yet we find in many ways it simply gets in the way.  I want to change that, even in a small way.  That’s where the idea of acheiVRfit came from.  A virtual reality fitness app.

Something you could use without buying another $2000 bike, something you slap into your Gear VR and use with your current equipment or even without any equipment at all.

So this is Day 1 and YIKES, you can see the pictures.


Pictures have a way of wiping your mental image away.  In many ways, I still see myself as that 150 lbs high school kid, not the 40ish, 229lbs guy in these pictures.  So we’re going to change reality with a little Virtual Reality, and try and get the pictures matching the mental image I have.

I’m going to be adding my progress, workouts, food, etc for you to see.  I more than welcome anyone to journey with me.  As achieVRfit gets built I really hope that others will want to try it.

HTC Link: The Non-Vive Branded Mobile Solution That Could Be Great For Fitness

HTC Link: The Non-Vive Branded Mobile Solution That Could Be Great For Fitness

When a company like HTC makes a virtual reality related release, it’s widely expected to be attached to the Vive brand. It makes marketing sense. It makes market share sense. It makes product awareness sense. But, it’s not how it’s happening on HTC’s newest headset called Link. Not branding it under the very recongnizable Vive umbrella is actually more perplexing that just marketing and consumer awareness.

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