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Week #5 Upadte – We Added Bananas!!

Today’s a special day, you’re going to get to see me running along a mountain path, collecting bananas.  I know right!  BANANAS.

I am going to ask a favour though, we’ve been having a pretty big debate internally here at achieVRfit.  Should we have bananas or diamonds?  So please weigh in with your thoughts.

Talking about weighing in, let’s take a look at my scale for the week.

As you can see I made some progress this week.  2 lbs.  I really did try and make sure I put the time in with achieVRfit and eating well.  Here’s a plug for Panera, the Southwest Chicken Tortilla broth bowl, is super filling, tasty and low in calories.

Again though it is amazing how you crave those comfort processed foods.  Yet I can see a real difference when they are avoided.  Love to hear what people do to avoid those foods.

Total loss to date is 7bs in 5 weeks?  Seems like a good steady rate.

Fitbit stats for last week:

Steps: 82370

Average Hours of Sleep: 5 Hours 36 minutes (Yikes)

See you next week!



Week #3 of the Fitness Challenge


So we’re week three and here’s a picture of the scale:

One thing I find super helpful is logging.  I’m using my Fitbit app to track the food going into my piehole.  I find the better I do logging the better I do at losing weight.  Anyone out there struggling, that would be my first suggestion, log your food.

Herre’s some stats from last week out of the Fitbit app.

77 869 Steps

Average Hours Slept per night: 6 hours 9 minutes.

That’s it, I’ll try and get more food shots, and we should have a new version of achieVRfit to show off this week.

achieVRfit used on an Exercise Bike!

Today we used achieVRfit, Virtual Reality Fitness App on a standard exercise bike. I’m testing it for everyone to make sure you can use it at home!

The team is getting excited about launching and getting this app into your hands. Make sure you subscribe for updates and first notice of the launch.