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Virtual Sports on the HTC Vive – VR Tennis and Ping Pong Review

I tried out Virtual Sports today, you can see the video below.  It’s a great game, but you won’t work up a sweat in it.

The mechanics are great, the feel is great, and if you have ever wanted a ping pong table or tennis court, look no further.

In the review, you’ll see I start in career mode playing a game of ping pong, but you can play online or play in practice mode.  All modes are fun and I found them almost a little zen like.  Sort of like playing tennis on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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Week #4 of the Fitness Challenge

So here we are on month in!  It’s hard to believe.

I have to say, I’ve learned a lot, for instance, weighing yourself daily can be a little frustrating and motivating at the same time.  You can swing a full two pounds in a day, so weighing in at the same time of day is really important.  Salt seems to have a big impact, if I go to a movie and have popcorn, yet keep my calories under control, all that sodium seems to dump some temporary weight on me.   It drops away in a day but boy can it surprise you.

Here’s my scale this week:

You can see it’s down about another pound.  So it is slow going but at least steady.

The up side is working out is a little easier, and 30 minutes goes by pretty quick in achieVRfit.

Here are my Fitbit stats for the week.

Steps: 83,340

Sleep:  6 hours 28 minutes average

See you guys next week.

Friday Fitness Round-Up

Each Friday we post the games we think have the best fitness potential. Here’s this Friday’s Round-Up June 23, 2017!

1. KnockOut League

This game is a ton of fun to play, but be warned you will push your rate fighting these guys. Squat, jab jab, uppercut, squat, squat, jab. That’s how this whole game goes.  But you’ll have a blast the whole time you are playing.

Headset: HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift


2. Audio Shield

Audioshield won’t get the heart racing like KonckOut League, but it’s fun to play, keeps you moving and has some kick ass music. It’s a great way to destress and keep moving at the same time.

Headset: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift


3. HotSqaut

Looking for the burn, then HotSquat is your game, don’t let the simple graphics and cheesy music fool you. It’s really fun to play and you will be completely exhausted. I promise you it will give you buns of steel. 🙂

Headset: HTC Vive


First look at AchieVRfit!

I’m super excited to show my first work out in AchieVRfit.  I’ve tested it for 5 minutes here and there, but this is my first full 30 minute recorded work out.  I time lapsed it so it was not boring, and we’re already making changes and improvements.  But here it is in all its pre-release glory.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts, we may not get it into the first release but we’ll do our best to add great ideas into future releases

VirZoom Annouces VZ Sensor

VirZoom announced two new developments to help you play VR and get fit wherever you are, at home or on the move. VirZOOM games are now finally available for mobile VR, starting today with VirZOOM Arcade on Gear VR. And later this year, you’ll get to turn your own bike into a VirZOOM bike with the VZ Sensor, available for the discounted preorder price of $89USD.  So, unfortunately, you still need a sensor.

VirZOOM Arcade is now available for the Samsung Gear VR with controller, and is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer phones, not the S6 or S7. They will also soon be announcing compatibility with Google Daydream VR headsets, and availability on the Google Play store.

Turn your bike into a VirZOOM bike

The VZ Sensor, which is small enough to fit in your pocket, and easily wraps around the pedal crank of an exercise bike. It’ll ship to retail in October for $99USD.

With a controller in hand and VZ Sensor on your bike, you can play VirZOOM-ready games on mobile, PlayStation 4, and PC alike. If you frequent a gym that doesn’t happen to have a VR setup on every bike, you can still grab a mobile VR setup and VZ Sensor to play anywhere. And if you absolutely must track your vital statistics but are looking for something more portable than our bike controller with heart rate sensors, VirZOOM Arcade will pick up and display readings from a Samsung Gear smartwatch.

It’s a great step forward to making VR fitness accessible, we’re pretty excited, along with our app AchieVRfit, it looks like exercise is NOT going to be boring.