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Just Relax for the Gear VR reviewed

Today we review Just Relax, an app designed to do nothing. It’s not a game, just an experience of relaxing on the beach.

The visuals are fantastic, the sounds are great, and if all you want to do is chill out by the beach this is the perfect app.

Just Relax is not going to get your heart racing, it’s going to make you RELAX, plain and simple.

Dungeon Chess for the Gear VR review.

Today we take a look at Dungeon Chess for the Gear VR.

I really liked this game, the room is cool, the animation is cool.  You can play a friend or play the AI.

It really reminds me of Chewbacca and C3PO playing on the Millennium Falcom.

It has a few bugs and glitches so I’m not going to say it was 5 stars.   But if you love chess, and you want something to play in VR, this is a great choice.


Friday Fitness Round-Up

Each Friday we post the games we think have the best fitness potential. Here’s this Friday’s Round-Up June 23, 2017!

1. KnockOut League

This game is a ton of fun to play, but be warned you will push your rate fighting these guys. Squat, jab jab, uppercut, squat, squat, jab. That’s how this whole game goes.  But you’ll have a blast the whole time you are playing.

Headset: HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift


2. Audio Shield

Audioshield won’t get the heart racing like KonckOut League, but it’s fun to play, keeps you moving and has some kick ass music. It’s a great way to destress and keep moving at the same time.

Headset: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift


3. HotSqaut

Looking for the burn, then HotSquat is your game, don’t let the simple graphics and cheesy music fool you. It’s really fun to play and you will be completely exhausted. I promise you it will give you buns of steel. 🙂

Headset: HTC Vive


VirZoom Annouces VZ Sensor

VirZoom announced two new developments to help you play VR and get fit wherever you are, at home or on the move. VirZOOM games are now finally available for mobile VR, starting today with VirZOOM Arcade on Gear VR. And later this year, you’ll get to turn your own bike into a VirZOOM bike with the VZ Sensor, available for the discounted preorder price of $89USD.  So, unfortunately, you still need a sensor.

VirZOOM Arcade is now available for the Samsung Gear VR with controller, and is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer phones, not the S6 or S7. They will also soon be announcing compatibility with Google Daydream VR headsets, and availability on the Google Play store.

Turn your bike into a VirZOOM bike

The VZ Sensor, which is small enough to fit in your pocket, and easily wraps around the pedal crank of an exercise bike. It’ll ship to retail in October for $99USD.

With a controller in hand and VZ Sensor on your bike, you can play VirZOOM-ready games on mobile, PlayStation 4, and PC alike. If you frequent a gym that doesn’t happen to have a VR setup on every bike, you can still grab a mobile VR setup and VZ Sensor to play anywhere. And if you absolutely must track your vital statistics but are looking for something more portable than our bike controller with heart rate sensors, VirZOOM Arcade will pick up and display readings from a Samsung Gear smartwatch.

It’s a great step forward to making VR fitness accessible, we’re pretty excited, along with our app AchieVRfit, it looks like exercise is NOT going to be boring.

HTC Link: The Non-Vive Branded Mobile Solution That Could Be Great For Fitness

HTC Link: The Non-Vive Branded Mobile Solution That Could Be Great For Fitness

When a company like HTC makes a virtual reality related release, it’s widely expected to be attached to the Vive brand. It makes marketing sense. It makes market share sense. It makes product awareness sense. But, it’s not how it’s happening on HTC’s newest headset called Link. Not branding it under the very recongnizable Vive umbrella is actually more perplexing that just marketing and consumer awareness.

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